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About Us

Teens Reaching Teens, Incorporated’s (TRT’s) focus is to help teens deal with the real issues that affect their lives while combining teen-to-teen sharing of stories, poetry and opinions written by youth with guidance and resource articles provided by informed adults.


Today’s youth face difficult decisions that can make or break their future. With adolescence comes a new set of challenges – how to deal with intense peer pressure, how to deal with physical changes and emerging sexuality, how to manage relationships with parents, family and friends, and how to date and develop intimate relationships. Teenagers also have to make decisions about employment and college. They are faced with the age-old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” and the world seems to demand a clear-cut answer. In the midst of all this confusion and uncertainty, teens may be confronted by peers who many challenge them to use tobacco, alcohol or drugs, participate in risky sexual behavior, cut class or drop out of school, or even break the law. Who do they talk to? Where do they go for information to help them male healthy and responsible decisions?

Teens Reaching Teens, Inc. has developed a publication for young people age 13-19 to give them a forum for discussing the pressing issues of adolescence. Teen Graffiti is a bi-monthly magazine and website that publishes articles and poetry written by youth as well as positive information and resources furnished by caring adults. Teen Graffiti gives youth the opportunity for creative expression in a candid non-threatening environment. This project is an innovative approach to helping youth deal with the challenges and pressures of adolescence.

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